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Wednesday 5 December, 2012

Sophie Cunningham and Joseph Gelfer Discuss Australian Literature

I did a long interview (25 minutes) with the folks from Informit TV recently, which you'll find on You Tube.


Tuesday 30 August, 2011


A group of us have been working towards a new prize to award women's writing. Read all about that over at our new, and very own website and in yesterday's Age.

Or, of course, you could watch this.


Tuesday 30 August, 2011


If you'd like to read an extract from my latest book, Melbourne, you'll find the one the Age published a couple of weeks ago here. You'll find Jane Sullivan's review here, and Kate Holden's review here. There was a really wonderful review by Waleed Aly (also in the Age) but I don't have a link to that, nor, thankfully, the very negative one by Peter Pearce, that was run in the Australian.

If you want to read Melbourne as an ebook, have done a lovely version, which you'll find here.


Aug 30

Why we still need feminism

I gave a lecture at the Melbourne Writers Festival on Sunday night as a part of their Big Ideas series. It was on why we still need feminism. You can read an extract of it here, on Crikey. Or read...More»

Jan 24 has arrived

Today's an important day for Australian publishing. Readings bookshop has launched its new ebook store. Australian, independent publishers now have access to a multi-platform ebook that is NOT a part of a monolith like Amazon or Google. Everyone who's contributed...More»

Jan 24

A little talk on Climate Change

I gave this talk at the Wheeler Centre a few months ago, as a part of their Soap Box Lunch Box series. It's about my views on climate change....More»


AUTHORS are intellectually incoherent with outrage . . . The Australian 's editorial goes on in this vein for a while. It's a grotesque misrepresentation of the situation that author's will face if the Productivity Commission's draft report goes through.

This website has been built so that those who want to support Harry Nicolaides the Australian writer currently being held in a Thai prison. His sentence for 'insulting the monarchy' is three years.

Somewhat belatedly, I want to note the death of Glenn Goldman, the founder of that great LA bookshop on Sunset: Duck Soup.

These images superimposing Leningrad during the Siege onto modern St Petersburg, are extraordinary.

On November 3 I'm taking part in a day long publishing forum Varuna is putting on in the Blue Mountains. If you're interested, come along.